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How digital marketing is different from Affiliate marketing?

Present we are aware of many e commerce website mainly we are very well known of amazon and flipkart these two websites provide wide variety of products to customers offering lot of discounts and at the same time they are offering affiliate revenue also, What actually affiliate marketing means ?Affiliate marketing directly doesn’t deal with production, packing and shipping but deals with wide range of promotions. Let us discuss with small example Suppose a big company is producing ink gel pens and there products are also available in amazon and flipkart ,so here who wants to earn money from affiliate marketing can promote that pens to your social media groups or other sources where people can buy those pens here

Affiliate marketing sites like “amazon fix some commission for affiliate marketers for example pen costs around 50 rs marketers can earn around 5 to 7% of commission with out packing shipping risks and headaches. Is Digital marketing different from affiliate marketing?

In simple words Affiliate marketing is a branch of digital marketing. It is one of the most revenue generated stream of digital marketing if you have a facebook page of 10 thousand page likes you can promote affiliate marketing products to generate revenue

SO More strongness in digital marketing more revenue in affiliate marketing

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