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How to grow youtube channel in 2022 | updatedtutorial in 2022

Present digital marketing is strongly developing through youtube ,Now a days youtube is creating sensation in digital marketing world every small update can be easily spread into internet world in few hours through trending Everybody in this internet world are much interested in creating youtube channel, main criteria of an individual may vary from each, But in any case people want more views and more subscribers. But considering latest youtube algorithm to drive more views and subscribers we need to follow latest YOUTUBE SHORTS ,small content big update is the main moto, people are more interested to watch short videos as it is engaging huge category of people and Now let us discuss how to create youtube shorts, Generally videos below 60 seconds are considered to be shorts but here videos around 30 to 40 seconds are considered to be the most premium short and also short videos can also be promoted and can grab large amounts of people in instagram also.

There are two ways “upload short videos in youtube , Anyway uploading in phone make lot of difference in youtube short videos. If we upload a video from phone and if it is having length of 30 to 50 seconds you can see a option of upload a short but whereas uploading short video from laptop.”

it totally make different procedure not only 60 seconds of video but also we need to include #youtubeshorts in our video description or #shorts in the video description or title which makes youtube algorithm to make understand what is your video?

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