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How To Target Your Audience In Social Media

In Single Word social media means its a ocean, In this Ocean we can simply collect our cup of water and Later we can easily customize our content or promotion
Targeting of social media audience means making your business to move in right path. Targeting of product in social media is nothing but keeping physical shop for example stationary shop near group of colleges or schools. Obviously targeting audience make your social media strategy to grow to next level and also make you to understand easily what actually you require and what people are expecting from you or your product. Targeting irrelevant audience sometime may lead to unwanted loss
. Mainly target audience who are really need of your product and also let us see Explanation of Targeted audience with simple after this example

for suppose if you run a shopping cart online contains products of ear rings then your main targeted audience should be girl or ladies but not your targeted audience should men and women or children.” Of course Broad spectrum audience should be women later specific target can be changed.

Consider you have a online food delivering business and you want to target audience who will order minimum at least 3 to 4 orders per month so you need to target audience then obviously we need to target audience using some famous dishes of that place like pizza or American burger or California nuggets if you belong to New york , but on the other side of coin you can also target audience who like continental dishes in a cosmopolitan city, Like the American food in London, simply highlighting your food delivery application pros

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