Apple is going to join for fellow tech giants

Apple Inc. is the latest major technology company which give opportunities to massive employment and spends large amounts, adding to the evidence that even Silicon Valley stalwarts are worried about a upcoming bitter in the coming months. The iPhone maker is looking to limit expenditures and job growth at some of its divisions, As some media organizations reported Monday, though Apple did not adopted a companywide policy. The more cautious stance mimics the approach of its tech peers, including Inc., Alphabet Inc.’s Google and Microsoft Corp., which have all taken steps to decelerate spending. The news sent stocks sliding and increased trepidation surrounding tech earnings season, which goes into full swing this week. It may be difficult for companies to reassure jittery investors. International Business Machines Corp. posted best results than expected sales on Monday, we can see falls s in late trading.

For now, most of the biggest tech companies are not considering eliminating jobs, just to reduce the rate of hiring. And overall US job growth hasn’t stalled. Payrolls increased 372,000 in June, beating the 295,000 estimate, with manufacturing jobs helping bolster the numbers.” The US added 25,000 information jobs in June, putting that category 105,000 higher than just before the pandemic.

The reduction affects less than 1% of its 180,000-person workforce, and Microsoft still expects to end the year with high end profits. But it follows a move in May to slow hiring at the Windows, Office and Teams divisions “as Microsoft gets ready for the new fiscal year.”

Amazon staffed up during the pandemic so it could handle a high spending on digital and e-commerce spending. That’s now left it overstaffed in its warehouses, but the company has said it’s working to overcome from problems and gains profit

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