There Are Best Insurance Policies That You Can Gift To Mother In The Eve Of Mother’s Day Gift During Lock down

Mother’s day 2020 is auspicious day around the globe And every year on this day, you offer your mother a special gift, like sending her flowers, taking her out for a meal and buying her a gold and other expensive gift. But what about this year? Will you let the mother’s day pass without celebrating it because of the lock down? But it’s not.Like others, you will think that how to buy gifts for your mother online and make the day memorable when all non-essential travel is closed and the place you might plan to take your mother to mark the day is closed. Now you don’t worry,Let me tell you one thing.There is something that you can always buy online and that will not only make her happy but take care of her health too.Yes, you guessed it right, Health insurance it is!A health insurance plan will cater to her financial requirements without having to become a burden on anyone. Take a sneak peek top health insurance plans that can make the upcoming years healthy for your mom.

1. HDFC Ergo Health Optima Senior 

HDFC Ergo Health Optima Senior plan was designed by HDFC Ergo Health Insurance (also known as Apollo Munich Health Insurance). The policy covers the husband and the wife individually while also offering a discount of 5%. Considering the great benefits offered under this plan, it can be a wonderful option to gift your mother on this Mother’s Day. So why are you waiting read and if you want,you can proceed it.

2. Star Health Medi-Classic Insurance Policy

Star Health Medi-classic is a popular insurance policy based on health insurance plan that will cover your mother when her in hospital.This medical expenses incurred due to any sickness/illness/injury/disease/accident. If you plan to gift this to your mom, then you can also opt for add-on benefits like hospital cash and patient care.

3. Bajaj Allianz Silver Health

Bajaj Allianz Silver Health plan is another best option that makes your mother happy and benefit to your mother. The plan is high on coverage features and comes at an affordable premium so that you easily cope up with increasing healthcare costs.If you give a gift to her mother,that makes her smile for few days,But if you take this,you can see mother smile from right now to whole life.

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