What Are The Benefits Of Cashless Car Insurance Policy?

Most of us take this policy to secure themselves against any financial liability to their car which may incur due to an accident or a mishap. In such cases, the insurer is liable to give compensation for your expenses. However, with technological advancement, several insurance providers have been coming up with an option to claim cashless car insurance. This ensures a smooth and fast claim settlement process.When your car meets with an accident or an unfortunate event like an accident, theft, etc., you can request an insurance claim with the insurance provider or an agent. The claim amount can be settled in two ways – in a without cash manner or via the reimbursement process. In the case of a cashless claim, the garage, where your car is repaired, is paid directly by your insurer to car mechanic. A cashless car insurance claim provides you with an instant aid after an accident or any unfortunate incident and spares you from paying for any garage or mechanic service cost.

The cashless claim can be availed only if your car is sent to a damaged part of the mechanic network to your insurance provider. You should remember that these claims may not be 100% cashless and you may have to pay for the default depreciation and deductibles.

Steps To Get A Cashless Car Insurance Claim:-

First you should inform to your insurer about the incident about accident,mishap or any unfortunate event, as soon as your car gets involved in any of these. File an FIR, in case serious injuries or death has happened.Your car will be towed to the nearest network garage by a surveyor sent by the insurance company. An in-depth inspection of your car will be done. Do not move your car from the accident spot without the permission of the insurance company.An estimated cost of repair work will be issued by the mechanic shed, which is shared with the insurer for approval. After this only, the repair work starts.After the repair, invoice and bills are sent to the insurer for payments from the garage. The insurance provider will examine the submitted bills.Once all the examines and evaluations are done, the claim amount excluding the depreciation cost and deductibles, is transferred to the mechanic garage.

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