What are short-term loans and what are its main roles and properties

Businesses need capital to operate. Too many manufacturers have orders in, but a lack of funding to simply purchase material and get on with production. Businesses can be in the ideal position to expand, but not permitted to do so because of monthly flow limitations. Personnel may need to be paid, but payments may take a while to arrive.All manufacturers, traders, and distributors have short term financial needs that vary on a day to day level. Without immediate funds, opportunities can be lost. Operations can be at a stand still and fail to produce. The valuable time spent establishing a business is wasted if not financed to function in its day-to-day requirements. There is a day-to-day cost of business that can completely halt or collapse a business if not met.

What are Short Term Loans?

Short term loans are perfect for immediate money crunch problems. They cover any immediate business expenditures like expansion, covering basic operational costs, meeting monthly capital requirement, and so on. They are unsecured loans to meet all your short-term needs.

Short term business loans are:

  • Easy to avail
  • Offer lightning quick approval that gets you money within days
  • Perfect for those who failed to secure long-term loans
  • Require no collateral
  • Is completely digitized and processable online within a few clicks
  • Offers upto INR 1 Crore
  • Is hassle-free
  • Is tailored to the repayment needs of the business

Every small business owner is different, as is every small business. The purpose of short term finance is to meet your business’s needs to make loans and repayment convenient for you.

Short-term loans versus long-term loans

What are the differences between short-term loans and long-term loans?

  1. Long term loans are always multi-year proceedings with complex requirements and stipulations.
  2. Short-term loans usually have a tenure of a single year with capital being dispersed within days.
  3. Small to medium sized businesses don’t require long term funding, but rather a more convenient alternative means of funding to manage their equipment leasing and daily needs.
  4. With short term business loans bad credit isn’t a problem as with longer term loans.
  5. Long term loans lack the flexibility term finance offers. They are simply too large and too complex with burdens that can significantly cog down a simple, small business.
  6. There is a popular misconception that short term finance borrowers have higher interest rates than long term loans. In lots of cases, the built up interest over several years in long term loans is often significant and overlooked.


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