What is loan? Different types of loans in india

There are many types of loans available in India. However, most people choose loan as of having totally dependent on the variety of assets they have, which they can mortgage to avail loans at a lower interest rate. But many of them only prefrerring only one kind of loan.One of the reasons behind this choosing is the lack of knowledge about different types of loans available in India.

By definition, a loan is specified amount of money that you can borrow from the lender (usually banks) with an assurance of returning it back within the agreed period. The lender on different types of loans levies a specified rate of interest. The borrower repays the borrowed amount along with the interest in instalments as per the agreement between the two parties.

Main types of loans

  • Housing loan
  • Education loan
  • Car loan
  • Vehicle loan
  • Personal loan
  • Gold loan
  • Agricultural loan
  • Business loan

Other type of loans

Cash credit loan
Loans against insurence policy
Loan against mutual funds or shares
Loans against bank fixed deposits

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