Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing And How It Is Used in 2020?

First of all to know about digital marketing we should have minimum knowledge about marketing. The term marketing refers to the sale or involvement of certain products or services, Ingeneral marketing is very tough and totally related to patiency of marketer,If we go back to last decade or two decades marketing total deals with offline and also many terms like distribution wholesale many other things used to play keyrole in this marketing role..
Here marketing came with different stories mainly digital marketing totally changed our economy and also vision of every customer in buying some products or availing some services.

Before also there used to be media marketing press marketing etc etc but not in dominating way.print media and offline marketing but digital marketing changed scenerio of total marketing.

Digital marketing have many wings like e-mail marketing, social media marketing,affiliate marketing and many many more marketing strategies in our coming posts.

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