What is basic procedure for applying loan?

Loan approval will be different from one bank to another but applying loan will be almost same for all kinds of banks or financial institutions
Now let us see what are steps involved in applying loan

Step 1:- For any kind of loan first step will be application form,this application should be genuine and authenticated

Step 2:-We need check CIBIL SCORE of an individual who applied for the loan

Step 3:- Should submit necessary documents like address proof,identity proof, income bank slips income tax proofs and many other necessary documents

Processing period and other proceedings:- In this process we will be undergoing many process like valuation of property or loan instrument
and processing fees other things which have to be checked again and again

Loan approval:- Finally if you are done with all the above steps and gone through them then loan will be approved your amount will be handed over to employeer of the property or instrument

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