What is The Suitability of Family Health Insurance of Rs. 100 Lakhs? When To Invest? Or What To Avoid?

Do you know this health insurance policy option that covers your family for Rs. 1 Crore?So i think you also want to get ready for this.Are you willing to opt this cover to ensure that your family of 4 is 100% financially secure, in case a medical emergency occurs in the future?Don’t worry! Before you give a green signal to this Rs. 1 Crore family health insurance policy, evaluate whether or not it is really an ideal option for you and worth all the efforts? While family health insurance of Rs. 1 Crore may be an ideal solution for high net worth individuals, the fact is that it may not be the perfect health cover for you.

  How to Avoid It- “Family health insurance of Rs. 1 Crore is the best cover for your family members and well wisher present, however, after a certain amount of time it will become a money loss to you. There will be nothing wrong if you choose a high health insurance cover for your required person.

But give it a thought while keeping the premium amount in mind. Do you think you will be able to pay approximately Rs. 50,000 or more premium on a yearly basis, without compromising on your basic requirements as well as the quality of life?If still in the thought that you will be able to handle the premium cost with your income that increases with age, think again! Don’t forget that your health insurance policy premium too will increase with your age.It is advisable that if you consider yourself as a common man, be realistic about the health insurance cover you actually need and the amount of policy premium you will be able to afford. Moreover, invest in a health insurance policy that covers you for most of the risks without demanding too much premium in return. 

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