What is business loan? Eligibility of business loan?

Business loan,As the name suggests it is loan or financial structre mainly designed for entity of business and
One of the major benefits of Business loans is that they are usually unsecured with no need for collateral or guarantors and most banks offer pre-payment facility with basic charges. one more important benefit is that if the business is a corporate entity by default, the burden is not single by itself the owner but on the company as a whole. The company may get liquidified in complete debit scenerio

Eligibility of business loan


It plays a important role in this business loan criteria,for example self employed individuals/business owners that are  typically between the ages of 24 to 65 years.

Stable business returns

A business or entity or self employed or any business related matter one should be stable with his company or partnership firms and his it returns for atleast 3years

No Outstanfing EMI’s

If a company have any unpaid or outstanding bills then the business loan may be difficult and ofcourse no bank can not be entertained

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