What is The Use Of A Person By Taking House Hold Insurance Policy To A Individual

Everyone needs a home.It is a place where an place offering family and security. To ensure complete security & protection against accidental damages,Householder policy provides cover both to building and its contents.Now you can buy and renew policies Online as which one is comfortable to an individual . Buy a new House Insurance policy, Renew an existing Oriental Insurance Householder’s policy or renew policies bought from any other general insurance company by registering yourself on our Portal and paying online through your bank provided debit card / credit card or Net-banking. Householder Insurance Policy covers big supportive protection for your home (residential building) and its contents against a various risks.

“This is a composite policy split into ten sections covering number of contingencies.Three sections are must be taken, out of which Section one of part-b relating to coverage of contents against Fire and allied perils is compulsory. Section-wise coverage is as follows.”

The Householder Insurance Policy is meant for dwelling of guaranteed construction.15% (fifteen percent) of the sum insured is waived for the purpose of under insurance for section I.All items having value of more than 5% (five percent) of the total sum insured under Section I B should be separately specified along with their values.Under the All Risks Section (Section III) any article valued at more than 10% (ten percent) of the sum insured has to be separately specified along with its value. Cash,gold and valuables kept in the bank locker may also be covered on first loss basis.For taking coverage under more than four (4) sections 15% discount is allowed. For more than six (6) sections 20% discount is allowed.


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