Home loan vs Land loans

Even both the terms sound same but there is lot of diffrence because housing loan interest rates approving loan process and every aspect of total loan issue differs from open land loan but here interesting topic is both are some how interlinked.Lets us see how they are

According to bank norms bank don’t support buying open lands and encouraging in real estate and also banks widely spport in purchasing house or flat for staying and also thinks that it is one of the basic need,

How home loans and land loans are interconnected?

This can be easily explained by assuming simple example
for example a customer wants to buy a apartment then he can easily get a loan buy applying those apartment papers but if a customer wants busy a independent house then he needs to buy a open land and for that he needs to take loan for open land then bank has to approve now it keep some conditions then it is a simple logic that he can purchase land and imediately he need to construct a house

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